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Summary of Question:Type Of Dastar
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 4/16/2010 5:57 AM MDT

wjkk wjkf,

i m a 24 yrs old sikh man $ basically a professional tennis player.I used to play ITF,nationals and other sourt of tournament of lawn tennis.At the age of 7 i started tennis but earlier i used to tie small patka on my head during my practice sessions and in matches.but now ive grown up and an amrithari i am facing alot of problems like instead of hitting the ball in court i used to struggle with my keski and lot of people used to laugh at me when ever i change over or tie my keski during matches. i feel humiliated, i dont know what to do? all is this i m not able to concentrate on my game this game is my bread & butter i cant leave more thing some time in hot climate i used to play my matches in that conditions i used to change my keski more often than my t-shirt,other's usually put on their caps in sun but i cant do it, even b'se a lot of sweat in my head i dont concentrate on my game. what i do now a days i took a bunch of keskis in my raquet bag and when ever i felt sweaty i change my keski in change over times,but it kills A lot of time. i dont, I DONT know what to do? help me out..........
guru fateh
a nimana sikh


Sat Nam,

I am not exactly sure what kind of answer you are looking for.
I can't really tell you to get rid of your hair just to make your life easier.
We all deal in life with something, if not hair than something else. It never ends. You either have to figure out how to tie a nice house turban that is not as flimsy as patka but not as heavy as regular Dastar and will sit on your head a little better or leave things the way they are.
No body can really help you with this. perhaps you can use a clip of some kind under the fabric while you are playing to help things stay in place. It is up to you.

good luck,

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