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Summary of Question:Kaam
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/23/2010 4:02 PM MDT


I had a quick question regarding the act of masturbation, I've been blessed by the oppurtunity to do my daily prayers of japjhi sahib, rehiraas, sohila and ardas in routine. I'm also 22 years old but not amritdhari, I started battling the wrong habit of mastubation about 1 year and half ago, It was tough in the beggining but I kept trying, I once stopped for 31 days but I failed to reach the 40 days mark (DAMN!!!) But recently I started realizing if we keep indulging over this habit we'll never get over it because we keep remebering it psychologically especially for a teen like myself who has no other method of releasing this build up of energy as Adultery is a sin.

What interested me was how sikhi believes that masturbation is not the correct method of releasing this energy which I agree, but to conquor kaam can't be done over just short period it takes time and its at its strongest at teen years which is why I agree on how bani says " Conquor your mind at this age and you will have conquored the world while quite young". Which is why I keep trying to figh it. But I wanted to hear you opinion on this:

Taoist say that if a man has sex/masturbates but learns to retain his semen with out ejaculating his body will not weaken but he will store bioenergy and will never suffer fatigue.

I mean obviously if you learn to retain your semen technique you shouldn't just get addicted to masturbating all the time then, but if you use that as a weapon for young age to quench the urge but yet retain the vital semen which reachs to the ojas through sat kriya. Is that wrong action to do?

Whats your thoughts on this?

Thanks for your time. Take care.


Sat Nam,
As you already maybe thinking masturbation is not a sin. However, it does deplete a man's body of valuable nutrients.
We have a wonderful meditation you can do called Sat Kriya. It is one of the two most important meditations for spiritual experience in Kundalini Yoga. You should be able to find it here.
This Kriya helps you harness your sexual energy for spiritual advancement. It is a very good use for that particular energy.

Do it 31 minutes a day for 1000 days and you should be OK.
Start with 3 minutes and work it up slowly to 31. 9, 11, 22, 25 minutes ... just do a s much as you can every day until you master it.

Good Luck,

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Kaam (03/23/2010)
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