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Summary of Question:I Accidently Break My Hair
Date Posted:Monday, 4/14/2008 12:03 PM MDT

i have long hair and i am proud of it. while combing i accidently break two or three hair almost everyday. i dont use a comb. i do it with my hands. with my hands i solve the knots tied in my hair. but i accidently break them and feel very bad. is it wrong? also sometimes i have to break my hair knowingly because of the knots tied in my hair. and sometimes my hair gets stuck in the screws of the chair. i have to pull them. i dont leave my hair. i want to be amritdhari. i cant take amrit and just break hair like that. what do i do.

Sat nam. As with everything else on earth, Hair is not permanent. It breaks, especially if it is not treated well. Even the most observant Amritdhari Sikh loses hair through breakage.
Learn to take care of your hair. Condition it after you wash it, oil it a couple times a month. Use a wooden brush and comb, and brush/comb from the bottom up, not the top down. Don't use rubberbands to tie jura, knot the hair or use coated or cloth elastics. Let your hair down at night to relax the hair and roots, put it up when you get up.
guru ang sang,

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I Accidently Break My Hair (04/14/2008)
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