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Summary of Question:Re: Ladies & Turbans.
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/24/1999 5:17 PM MDT
Moderator's Note:
This post is somewhat outside the parameters of the Youth (Question) Forum in that it does not contain a question. Rather, it is part of an ongoing series of responses and answers by young women, who wear turbans, in response to the original question. In support to the concerns young women who wear turbans, or who might consider wearing turbans, and to promote greater understanding on the part of everyone, these responses and <answers> by concerned young women themselves seem very appropriate to continue including.
In responce to the ladies wearing the turban question.

Paji (dear brother),
Sikhi is a religon that regards gender equality as an important part of it?s philosphy. We have been given the prestigous title of Sant Sapahe, Saint Soldier. In most of asia, in past years, we would recognise a sant by his turban and a warrior by his turban (nihang sinhs). Which is what our role is. This then requires us to wear a turban, and for many other reasons:
1- keep our hair tidy
2- cover our heads 24/7
3- For protection ( have you seen gatka players and nihangs with turban?s and chakar?s around their heads)
4- during the guru's time a law was passed by one of the mogul emporer?s that no
person other than Rajas / people of high status could wear a turban, carry weapons and ride a horse. Guru ji then told us to do all of these things, this was a sign that we wear no lower than any Raja. Wearing a turban was a sign of power and superioriority in most of asia, guruji gave us an equality with kings which common people had never had.
5- gender equality, women and men are equal, so what stops a women wearing a turban?

I am not amritdary female, but I do also wear a turban since Vaisakhi. In the gurdwara I go to there are also women who wear a turban but who also seem to be part of a seperate group. I am the only girl who I know of who wear?s a turban and does not belong to that or any other group but that of Akal Purakh. I have also encounted some feeling, because I am not of that group. Although the turban is a sign of high status it is also a sign of humility, one who wear?s a turban regardless of being male or female should respect others for who they choose to be.

In responce to Penji?s (dear sister) reply

It is important to recognise the turban as a very sacred part of a sikhs life. But it must not be mistook for being one of the panj kakar?s (5 k?s).

The Panj Kakar are recognised by the Akal Takhat are:
Kara ; steel bracelet
Kachh ; drawers/shorts ( underwear)
Kangha ; comb
Kirpan ; sword
and Kesh; uncut body hair.....PLEASE NOTE not Keski ( small turban )

If we begin to think of the fifth kakar as keski, does this then mean we can cut our hair but still wear the keski on top? The kesh of a sikh is the stamp of the Guru. And a very important fifth kakar.

Humbly, female turban wearer.

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