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Summary of Question:how to recoginize
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/31/1999 8:22 AM MDT

Love... it does? to care? to recogineze?
..if u hurt lover's heart izzzit sin? to survive with love? to maintain? to be success in love?
..if u in love with somebody ,,,and admire somebody elsee...izzzit wrong or unsincere .....
...................thank you........please try to answer back all the questions? ..........................waheguru.

Dear Joker,

If you Love someone you will know how it is going. If you are a good man you will know how to listen and how to care. If you are in Love you will recognize. If you hurt a lovers feelings it happens, if you hurt your lovers heart you dont deserve her. ( unless of course she hurts yours too, then you gotta work it out, in any case you gotta work it out.) Love = Commitment that is how you survive, by strength of conviction. Maintain by contain. To be succesful be sensitive understanding......listen...understand the bad days will come , you will always fight, she will try to change you and you will not want to be changed. Understand it is a growth situation. If you are in Love with someone and you admire someone else is it wrong? what do you think. Whjatever your answer is to this question is the answer to yours. Thank you for writing in Joker. Sat Nam

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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how to recoginize (08/31/1999)
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