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Summary of Question:Re: I'm lost and I need guidance
Date Posted:Monday, 5/17/1999 9:35 AM MDT
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Bhai ji...
i read ur posting with great interest...i would like to say a few things, if u do not mind. Firstly, death is NEVER the solution...NEVER...
Guru ji would never give u a life for u to terminate it, what would be the point? Guru Ji is testing u now, testing ur strengh, testing to see if u will hold on to him...testing ur faith in Him...
if u do ardas everyday,keep it up! Guru Ji is listening, i guarantee u that!
trust me, all u gotta do is keep ur faith strong..
THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with asking Guru Ji to help u get into Med School...
u want to be succesful in life, and guru ji knows that, he's listening and i'm sure if u r doing ardas will all of ur heart, he will answer u...i know he will..he will help u....whether he wants u to get int o med school or not, i dont know...but in the end the decision he makes will be for ur own good...u have to accept Guru ji's hukam..
from my past experiences, i am telling u, that if u do ardas will all of ur heart and u REALLY MEAN IT, guru ji will do whatever it is u r asking for.
keep ur faith strong my all of ur nitnem and do simran AND ardas...that is what will help u.
I hope this has helped u...becus i know...once i went thru the same thing u r going thru right now, and somebody gave me this advice and i followed it...and my faith in Guru Ji grew..and grew..and greww....i'm sure urs will too..

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Har Ka Daas.

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