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Summary of Question:Re: Khalistan ?
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/25/1999 4:23 AM MDT
Moderator Note:
The Sikhnet Youth Forum is a place where young people can submit questions in order to become more informed and more insightful about the nature and living practice of Sikh Dharma. It is not a forum for discussion or advocacy of personal points of view. There is a Sikhnet Discussion Forum where members are free to submit material for discussion (according to the agreed upon principles and rules posted at that website).

Please, submit questions only to the Sikhnet Youth Forum (no discussions please). The moderators are serving in a voluntary capacity, with otherwise very busy lives. And, due to personal schedules of the Moderators during the summer months, there are a number of questions waiting for answers. Your patience will be greatly appreciated. We are dedicated to serving you and your needs for insight and information.

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