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Summary of Question:death
Date Posted:Thursday, 12/02/1999 3:19 AM MST

my father's brother in india died in april of this year.

more recently his mother died on the 19th november.
apart from his wife and children he is now left with no 1
i understand that one day we shall all die, however i would like to know why baba took my thia and marji away from him,as it wasnt the time for either one of them to go.

It *was* their time to go, that's why they went. It isn't up to us when people go and come, it is the play of God. The script is already written. Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason is for you to relate to your infinite self, not your temporary physical self. Meditate in your infinity to take away the pain.
You asked why God took them away, but you never ask why he brought them here originally. You could also say "Why did God bring them into life, it wasn't their time to be born". You are only looking at one side. Everything must balance. If there was a birth, there must be a death.

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death (12/02/1999)
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