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Summary of Question:Whether style of turban is unacceptable
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/19/2000 2:51 PM MDT

Sat Sri Akaal

I am a convert to Sikhism with a few months' uncut hair and beard. I have tied a turban in a "short" style, using only 1 square yard of cloth as follows:

I fold the cloth over once, diagonally, so that I have a triangle. I put the triangle over my head so that one equal-length end of cloth dangles down from each ear. Then I take one of the downward-hanging ends and cross it forwards over my forehead and round to the back of my head. I do the same with the other dangling end. I tie them together at the back. I now have the familiar "arch" over the third eye chakra. By a sort of "scrunching" I tidy up at the top. The end result resembles, but is definitely different from, the large pug normally worn by Sikhs.

My question is: is this turban style (which uses the same amount of cloth as for a patka) acceptable as a Sikh turban, or is there a standard prescribed method of tying. I am particularly concerned that my turban may resemble the style worn by women. Since I have never seen one of these, I don't know.

Any advice or comments would be welcome.

The turban is not a joke. There are 26 parts of the brain. You tie your hair up into a knot at the tenth gate(over the soft spot on the skull where it was when you were an infant). Then you set your turban on it. It pulls all parts of your brain. It gives you an adjustment and keeps your awareness very high.

Then you must know how to present yourself. Everything has a presentation. Be alert. You are a model. Your turban is your crown of consciousness to yourself and the flag of your calibre to others.

I would suggest that you use the search engine for "turban" to find instructions for how to tie the turban. Normally a full turban is 6-7 yards of soft cotton cloth. The turban you are speaking of is like an under turban.

Can you meet some Sikm men at the Gurdwara and get some instruction?

Your turban is your crown. It has a very important It should have the appearance of a royal and regal headdress

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Whether style of turban is unacceptable (10/19/2000)
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