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Summary of Question:Concerned About My Brother
Date Posted:Tuesday, 12/19/2006 10:14 AM MST


My name is Sukhmani Kaur. I am 14 years old. And I have a problem concrning my brother. The thing is that he is a keshdhari and he wears a patka of course!! But the problem is that we are in public school, and he is having a very hard time because his teacher s being a racict and passing indirect comments on his patka and joora. Is that our fault we are not supposd to cut our hair? Is it our fault that we have to survive in this kind of envronment? I understand if the kids do it becuse they are ignorant and dont know any better. But a teacher?? Thats so sick and wrong! What kind of teachers teach who are racists??? Then, my brother has prolems with students cuz they tease him about his joora! This is soo annoying! They either touch his joorha and tr to remove the patka or knock him down intentionally and kick him and try to harm him!! What should we do? I am really worried about him. Sometimes I wonder what our Dasve Pitaah say about this? I wish there was something i could do. Shoould I recite the Shabad: Hay Rav Hay Sas Hey Karaanidh Meri Binnti Sunlee Jai?
Sukhmani Kaur

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Sukhmani Kaur Ji - Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji ki Fateh!

You, together with a wise adult whom you trust, should go and speak to this teacher with love and gentleness. Racism comes from fear. Fear comes from ignorance. It is good to explain and open the heart of the person who is in fear. When you bless them, their fear will leave them. When my son had to deal with the same issue, I went to his school and showed the other kids how I tie my turban. I showed them my hairs and talked about why I keep my hairs. When I was done, many of the kids wanted to try tying a turban themselves! Good thing I brought along some extra turbans so I could help them. Understanding comes through kindness.


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Concerned About My Brother (12/19/2006)
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