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Summary of Question:Singhnis
Date Posted:Monday, 5/17/1999 11:22 AM MDT

Can Someone tell me why Panj Piyaras are Singhs only (Males) why not females (I mean Singhnis) as sikh religion give equal right to both sex.


There seems to be a tradition that since the original punj was all men, it should stay that way. Of course, since the original men are no longer around, there should not be discrimination based on gender alone.
In our ceremonies we do have both women and men in the Punj Pyara. Khalsa has no gender.
But you must answer one thing. Do you and the other women that wish to participate wear bhana and keep a turban? That's what the oringinal punj did. If you want to play, then you must play by the rules. You can't have it both ways.

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Singhnis (05/17/1999)
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