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Summary of Question:More about our Hair
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/25/1999 6:39 PM MDT

Krishna Singh Khalsa wrote:

P.S. If you have further questions of a more practical nature (ie., tying the "rishi knot", tying a turban, how the hair is a vital
organ of the body that stores phosphorus for the brain and synthesizes vitamin D for the brain, how the subtle antennae of the
hair is a focal point of the electromagnetic field for the mind and the entire body), let us discuss further.

i would be greatful if you could provide us with some information on the above.
IIGS camper

First of all, have a look at the following article about hair, based on biological science and Sikh scholarship regarding the Guru's teachings.

Yet, even after reading this fine article, there is still much more real science to be described and still more yet to be discovered. Perhaps some young people now deciding what areas of life to specialize in, those younger Sikhs who are reading from this Forum, may be inspired to explore further the mysteries of relationship between the mind, the body and the psyche.

In this regard, I personally have to confess that I am not a laboratory scientist, nor have I spent the years of study necessary to master the realms and models of modern science. But, if something was known experientially to be true 100 years, or 500 years or 5,000 years ago, it must be still true today. It is important that each generation and each era of time recapitulate and re-express truth in the language and discipline appropriate to the time. I do know, experientially, that if one devotes a sufficient amount of time to intensive meditation practice, certain changes will happen in the mind and in the body that are not the norm for people who don?t meditate. Here is an example:

The human nervous system, endocrine glandular system and perceptual system can be thought of as a <bio-computer>. The modern computer actually parallels the human. We view pictures and information on a computer monitor, whereas in the frontal part of the brain we have a gland called the pituitary gland where consciousness and concentration are intensively focussed. A computer monitor glows and emits light and colors because the glass inside the CRT (cathode ray tube) is coated with phosphorus. When the phosphorus is energized with electricity, it radiates light. Similarly, the pituitary body is a phosphorescent gland. When one meditates and concentrates a great deal of energy there, by breathing and with the mind, and by working with the optic nerves, the pituitary gland is stimulated and it begins to secrete. This secretion activates and energizes phosphorus within the pituitary gland, which then also begins to glow, radiate, and emit light within the brain, which can be experienced with the eyes clos
ed. I cannot explain to you the complete molecular/biological science of it, but I have experienced it and can assure you the phenomenon is a real one. As the mind and consciousness begin to develop and expand in this way by the practice of what Guru Nanak called <Naam Simran>, the brain develops and our psychic magnetic field begins to become more powerful and more pronounced. Have you ever wondered why the pictures of saints and Gurus are often shown with a halo of light around the head? It is the same light, developed to a very high degree that others can sometimes even see it. These are not ordinary people, but every person has this innate potential. Siri Singh Sahib ji once explained that the size of the pituitary in an ordinary person is about the size of a grain of rice. In someone who is a spiritual master, it grows to be about the size of an almond. More humorously, like Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, <No pain, no gain>. Exercise and practice develop the brain and the spirit as well as th
e body.

In order to grow deliberately towards realizing and perfecting our innate human and spiritual potentials, which is what a Sikh is supposed to do, we need to exercise and practice Naam Simran, and we need to establish conditions which support our practice and growth. Siri Singh Sahib ji also explained once, that the hair collects, stores and makes phosphorus available to the brain. Given the importance of that element in relation to one of the principle glands activated in meditation, the pituitary, the idea of not cutting the hair and not throwing away that reservoir of needed phosphorus begins to seem more important. Ordinary people, who don?t care about meditation, will probably never notice the difference on that subtle level. But meditation allows one to avoid simple mistakes in life and avoid huge mistakes in committing karma. Eventually, meditation pays off in a huge way in a smoother and more happy life. Moreover, he explained that sunlight energy on the hair (even through the thin covering of a
turban on the top of the head) is a part of the body?s process of synthesizing Vitamin D. Vitamin D is directly related to the body?s metabolizing functions of calcium and phosphorus. There again, the body shows itself to be a subtle system that can be systematically developed and enjoyed in a conscious lifestyle, which will enhance our spirituality and Dharmic practice. We call that lifestyle <Yoga>. Many traditional Sikhs are very uninformed about what Yoga is because brahmins kept it a state secret (like nuclear secrets today), and in the past some did use those secrets to exploit others. But there is a Shabd of Gurbani which acknowledges, <Raj Yog Takht dhyan, Guru Ram Das>, which means that <Guru Ram Das was the King of Yoga> and from His perspective Yoga is a good thing for Sikhs to practice. Not just any yoga, but one that is taught in consistency with the Truths of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. And such a practice we call Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan (also known to us as the Siri Singh Sah

Passing to another facet of enhancing our innate capacity for intelligence and spirituality, when the hair combed and tied into a knot on the top of the head (called a <rishi knot>), our psychic, electromagnetic energy is focused at the crown of the head and the higher brain centers. This center is known variously as the <Tenth Gate> (in Siri Guru Granth Sahib), the <Crown Chakra>, or the <Seventh Center, or Chakra>. In Guru?s teachings on Nam Simran, this psychic center is very important. Essentially, this is a center of consciousness that relates to universality, to kindness and compassion. In the average or norm of humanity in general it is very undeveloped or underdeveloped. Most people live from the third center, or consciousness of the navel point (focused on issues of power, hunger, greed, desire, etc.) The Sikh masters this center and develops himself or herself to higher centers, while having a strong, grounded earth connection at the same time. So, the rishi knot facilitates this process.

Finally, the pressures applied to nerve centers under the scalp, related to the brain and mental functions, are both stimulated and insulated (from external noises and stress) by the turban. This is one significant reason why more and more Sikh and Khalsa women are also choosing to wear the turban. Women can be and are meant to be leaders in our world, and not limited or restricted to being sequestered in the home, in our contemporary world in which the Khalsa is creatively elevating itself (and the world).

As you can see, the subject of Hair, and the practical, physical foundations and supports for meditation, is extremely important, subtle and vast. And, in relation to every facet, there is opportunity for new and powerful science to enlighten us even more about this subject. Molecular Biology, Neuro-chemistry, nutrition, exercise kinesiology, psychology, medicine are just a few areas where new research would be extremely beneficial to demonstrate to humanity how the ancient sciences of Nam Simran and Yoga have given us practical solutions to contemporary, stressful problems.

Do you see how your own generation of young people has a great potential for important contributions to humanity in the future?

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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More about our Hair (04/25/1999)
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