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Summary of Question:how about girls covering their heads?
Date Posted:Monday, 5/17/1999 7:16 PM MDT

hi, i am a 20-year old female who keeps her hair. yes, i know a lot of girls do, but i am i guess a unique case because i cover my head. i was wondering what our Guru's thought was on women covering their heads and wearing dastar's or armala's. i have had encountered and will encounter people who ask me why i wear it and what it is for, and as well that i should take it off because it doesn't "suit" a girl. what can i say to these people? i am not quite sure. sometimes i feel let down but other times i feel like it's none of their business. but what can i say so they understand the reason i cover my head. i know it sounds like i don't even know why i, a girl, cover my head. and also why don't most women like men cover their heads? when Guru Gobind Singh Ji baptised the SatSangat, did women not cover their heads?????????? thanks.

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how about girls covering their heads? (05/17/1999)
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