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Summary of Question:Which Is True? Turban
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/24/2005 9:37 PM MDT

Hi, a friend of mine got married to a sikh guy who is turbanned. Is it true that in guru granth sahib ji or guru gobind singh ji said that for sikhs to marry their daughters to those that are sikhs and with kesh? (uncut hair, turban wearing?)


I don't understand the reason for your question. Are you thinking about whether you should marry a turbined Sikh or not? You know the turbin doesn't guarantee anything. It would be nice if it did. Wouldn't it be great if ALL turbined Sikh guys were honest, devoted, caring, hard working, etc.etc. If Guru Gobind Singh said that Sikh fathers should marry their daughters to turbined Sikhs, it was probably because those qualities I mentioned were his teachings. I'm sure there are non-turbined Sikh guys who live those qualities and some turbined guys that don't. You need to examine what is important for you. If a turbined guy is important for you, look for one that is also a fabulous person. The most important thing, of course, is that you are living those qualities that you are looking for. I hope this answers your question. GTKK

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Which Is True? Turban (05/24/2005)
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