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Summary of Question:How Did Sri Guru Harkrishan Die Of Small Pocks?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/30/2003 6:28 PM MDT

In school today I was asked a question where I did not know what to say. Some1 asked me “How did one of Guru’s (Sri Guru Harkrishan) die of small pocks when he had the power to heal his people of it.” I didn’t know exactly what to say so I just told them that it had to do with fate or something like that. Anyways after thinking about it I am still unsure of the answer

(REPLY) Sat Nam. Great Saints and our Gurus did not use their God given powers to benefit themselves, but always and only to heal and help others. Guru Harkrishan worked with those suffering from Smallpox, and eventually, his physical body contracted the disease, and his soul returned Home to God -- Obviously, his mission on Earth had been completed. He was a living example of self sacrifice, kindness, and compassion. Blessings, SP

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How Did Sri Guru Harkrishan Die Of Small Pocks? (03/30/2003)
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