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Summary of Question:Justification Of Keeping Hair
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/06/2008 5:41 PM MST

It seems to me that all the questions involving hair that have been asked on this forum have been explained by obscure answers. It seems that you think Sikhs should keep hair because a knot on the head focuses the mind and aids in yogic practices. THis is an anomaly, as there is also hair on the rest of the body, and forgive me for being blunt, but i don't think any yogic purposes are fulfilled through the keeping of pubic or chest hairs. Can you please explain to me any reasons outside of yogic purposes for keeping one's hair. ANd please don't attempt a justification of 'the guru's word is law', because that would just allow me to play devil's advocate.

This is purely a hypothetical question, and if you would like, you could respond to this with just an e-mail.
THank you

My dear, breathe deeply and get into your nuetral mind please.
The hair was place on the body by the Creator. It has many functions
for the maintanence of health and harmony of this human body. Arm hairs leg hairs underarm hairs, pubic hairs all buffer the movement of the physiology, bring a subtle charge of protection to the magnetic field of the body and also manufacture vitamin D and help maintain a calcium balance in the body.

People of God consciousness have increased levels of sensitivity and awareness. The removal of the hair will compromise their optimum state. The Rehit Maryada is a very special formula given for this time of challenge and transition. It works! Next is for you to try it and have an experience of the effect of maintaining your body as it was created with ALL your hair. Reason and argument have little impact....experience has impact.

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Justification Of Keeping Hair (01/06/2008)
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