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Summary of Question:Re: Eating "Halal" Meat
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/24/1999 6:35 PM MDT
In spite of what the current SGPC Rehit Maryada that says eating meat that is "not killed in the Halal fashion"... I think on other aspect should be looked at regarding eating meat. I don't condem people who eat meat....or say that they are bad. Just as I don't do that to someone who is another religion or practices another lifestlye.

But... Because I chose to live as a Sikh.... a "Khalsa".... I feel that eating meat is not the best way. Basically we do not smoke.....drink or take other intoxicants because we want to keep our body clean and mind as clear as possible to stay in touch with God. In eating meat animals have to be killed; and these days.... the animals in most countries are not treated well before they are killed....and that is an extreme understatement (and I would rank that close to "halal" fashion of killing).

So basically in eating meat....

1. An innoccent animal has to go through extremely bad treatment before being slaughtered.
2. An animal is being killed because of people's longing to taste the meat (not out of NEED). I can understand when a person is starving and has no other source of food.... but to kill an animal just because it tastes good??
3. Meat (especially red) is very hard for your body to digest and is very hard on your body.

I think most meat eaters would really reconsider eating meat if they knew what happens to animals before it ends up as meat in the store....and how eating meat effects the human body.

I strongly encourage those who eat meat...or those who are thinking about eating meat to read the following book. Even if you don't eat is a good book to read.

Diet for a New America by John Robbins
How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth

You can read it at your local library...or buy it from most book stores...(or online at

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