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Summary of Question:Re: Ladies & Turbans.
Date Posted:Thursday, 6/17/1999 8:34 AM MDT
The purpose of Khalsa is equality,unlike other religions the women had a very low self esteem.In Hindu religion there was a practice of sati,which Guru Amardas Ji condemned,in Muslims a man was allowed to have four wifes,even great philosphers has rather compared a women as a serpent,considering all these aspect the Sikh religion is the only one which gives equal stature to women,Guru Ji said how can the women which gives birth to Saints and Kings be regarded as a low.The Guru Ji further stamped the women by giving her a status to become a priest and what ever her aspirations are.
Since in olden days women fought with men's equally and they would rather camouflage there identity,a Sikh women has complete freedom of choice bestowed by Guru on to her,if she feels enligtened in context of wearing turban that would sustain her affection with lord,then she has that authority but there is no hard and fast rule in Sikh religion,even in SGPC Rehatnama issued in 1932,a women has a right to wear turban if she desires.So I think this was your question,regarding judging someone is not a wise thing without knowing that person,I think it is just like judging a book by it's cover.

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