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Summary of Question:Can U Wear A Hat Over Ur Patka
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/05/2008 7:02 PM MST

hey there i just wanted to ask if it is okay to wear a hat or hoody over your patka. as i have a nonagreement with my mother who does not approve of me doing this and she said its not what sikhs do.

thank you

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The question is "why?"

If it's snowing and your ears are cold and you pull up the hood on your hoody over your patka to protect yourself, I see no problem with that. If your hoody or hat is a "fashion statement," i.e. you want to wear it to look cool, then that's another matter. Nothing is intrinsically right or wrong. It is thinking that makes it so.


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Can U Wear A Hat Over Ur Patka (03/05/2008)
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