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Summary of Question:Types/Number of Caste prevalant in Sikhism
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 9/10/1999 7:11 PM MDT

For curiousity purposes, I would like to know the various types of castes that Sikhs claim to be members of. For example, there are the Jats and Khatris. What are the other kinds and their descriptions? Thank you.

There are no castes in Sikh Dharma. Those who subscribe in any way to caste theories or identities are going against the will and hukam of the Guru.

Your curiosity is leading you into a dysfunctional area. However, time and mental energy is yours to use or waste at your will.

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Types/Number of Caste prevalant in Sikhism (09/10/1999)
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