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Summary of Question:If Sikhi Believes In Equality....
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Monday, 1/13/2003 8:27 AM MST

then y were all the gurus male? how come none of them were female?


You ask a good question. I think it was probably just a reflection of the times. God gives us what we are ready for. Would people have listened to a woman at the time? And in the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, there is symbolism to refer to the Guru as male or female. The times are very different now. In no way can we allow the fact that the Gurus were men to justify prejudice against women in their careers, private lives and spiritual practices. In fact, during Guru Gobind Singh's times, he said Khalsa had no gender. Khalsa is Khalsa...the Pure Ones are One. So, if you are a man, acknowledge and hoonor the female energy in you and respect and honor the females in your life. If you are a woman, know that we live in the millenium, where all prejudices and discrimination must go, then reach to your highest potential and grace, because you are a woman. GTKK

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If Sikhi Believes In Equality.... (01/13/2003)
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