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Summary of Question:Can Non Sikhs Wear Turbans?
Date Posted:Monday, 6/16/2003 7:53 PM MDT

Hello. I was wondering if non sikhs like me wear turbans. I am a white canadian. Would it offend other turban wearing people. Would i be made fun of. PLease give me some feedback. Also where can i get a turban or where can i get the fabric for one.( preferably in vancouver, vancouver island area in B.C. canada)

Of course non-Sikhs can wear turbans. I have had non-Sikh women ask me (I'm female) about my turban because they had chemotherapy and lost all their hair.

But be careful. Turban-wrapping varies per culture/religion, and someone (Sikh or otherwise) may think you are mocking or pretending to be like them; I mean, you don't want to cause a needless ruckus. You might want to research different turban styles (on the Web) because how you wrap it (since you are not Sikh) becomes a very personal choice. In Canada I believe there are Indian-products stores that sell turban fabric, or can tell you where to get some.
Guru ang sang,

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Can Non Sikhs Wear Turbans? (06/16/2003)
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