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Summary of Question:Re: Palmistry
Date Posted:Thursday, 5/27/1999 2:39 PM MDT
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji KI Fateh

Can I approach the issue of palmistry on a broader prespective, that of fortelling the future based on all different methods. Read the following qoutations, with the word astrologer refering to all these methods and more.

Realise first of all that everything is pre-destinied and is all in the will of GOd .... so instead of spending our time trying to find out what's instore for us ahead, let us learn to live in the will of god and accept whatever that comes as good.

Guru Ji says a few things about the issue. It is worth reading the following quotations to understand Guru Ji's stand:

sggsj pg 27-6
Pare Pare Pandet Jotki Vad Krhe Bichar |Mte Budhe Bhvi N Bujhei Aantre Lobh Vekar | Lkh Chourasih Bhrmdey Bhrme Bhrme Hoee Khuaar |
After all their reading, the Pandits, the religious scholars, and the astrologers argue and debate. Their intellect and understanding are perverted; they just don't understand. They are filled with greed and corruption. Through 8.4 million incarnations they wander lost and confused; through all their wandering and roaming, they are ruined.

sggsj 56-9
Keytey Pandet Jotki Beyda Krhe Bichar | Vade Verodhe Slahney Vadey Aavn Jan | Ben Gur Krm N Chhutsi Khe Sune Aakhe Vkhan |7|
There are so many Pandits and astrologers who ponder over the Vedas. They glorify their disputes and arguments, and in these controversies they continue coming and going. Without the Guru, they are not released from their karma, although they speak and listen and preach and explain. ||7||

THe next quotaion may be strong ... but it drives home the message that what is pre-destined doesn't change.

sggsj 570-19
Pandte Jotki Sbhe Pare Pare Kookdey Kes Phe Krhe Pukara Ram |
Maeeaa Moh Aantre Ml Lageh Maeeaa Key Vapara Ram |
Maeeaa Key Vapara Jgte Peaara Aavne Jane Dukh Paei |
Bekh Ka Kiara Bekh Seo Laga Besta Mahe Smaei |
Jo Dhure Lekheaa Soee Kmaveh Koee N Meytnhara |
Nank Name Rtey Ten Sda Sukh Paeeaa Hore Moorkh Kooke Mueey Gavara |3|
All the religious scholars and astrologers read and study, and argue and shout. Who are they trying to teach?
The filth of attachment to Maya clings to their hearts; they deal in Maya alone.
They love to deal in Maya in this world; coming and going, they suffer in pain.
The worm of poison is addicted to poison; it is immersed in manure.
He does what is pre-ordained for him; no one can erase his destiny.
O Nanak, imbued with the Naam, the Name of the Lord, lasting peace is found; the ignorant fools die screaming. ||3||

Maybe the next quotation is a good advice for all :

sggsj pg 904-12

Gne Gne Jotk Kandi Kini |
Pareh Sunaveh Tt N Chini |
Sbhseh Ooopre Gur Sbd Bichar |
Hor Kthni Bdo N Sgli Chhar |2|
Calculating and counting, the astrologer draws the horoscope.
He studies it and announces it, but he does not understand reality.
Understand, that the Word of the Guru's Shabad is above all.
Do not speak of anything else; it is all just ashes. ||2||

if a ny doubt still remains that all happens in the will of god then read this (esp. the second last line) :

sggsj 948-13
Pouari |
Dooja Bhao Rchaeeon Treh Gun Vrtara |
Brhma Besn Mheys Oupaeean Hukme Kmavne Kara |
Pandet Pardey Jotki Na Boojhhe Bichara |
Sbh Kechh Teyra Kheyl Heh Sch Serjnhara |
Jes Bhaveh Tes Bkhse Lehhe Sche Sbde Smaei |4|
God created the love of duality, and the three modes which pervade the universe.
He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, who act according to His Will.
The Pandits, the religious scholars, and the astrologers study their books, but they do not understand contemplation.
Everything is Your play, O True Creator Lord.
As it pleases You, You bless us with forgiveness, and merge us in the True Word of the Shabad. ||4||

To end the list of quotations, Guru Ji says tha even if I had the ability to myself tell the fortune ........

sggsj 1413-3
Hova Pandet Jotki Veyd Para Mukhe Chare |
Nva Khanda Veche Janiaa Apney Chj Vichar |3|
Matheh Jo Dhure Lekheaa S Meyte N Skeh Koee |
Nank Jo Lekheaa So Vrtda So Boojheh Jes No Ndre Hoee |5|
If I were a religious scholar, an astrologer, or one who could recite the four Vedas,
I could be famous throughout the nine regions of the earth, for my wisdom and thoughtful contemplation. ||3||
No one can erase that primal destiny written upon one's forehead.
O Nanak, whatever is written there, comes to pass. He alone understands, who is blessed by God's Grace. ||5||

To conclude, let's not spend so much time trying to find out what's going to happen, but realise that "No one can erase that primal destiny written upon one's forehead. O Nanak, whatever is written there, comes to pass." and learn to Will in the Wil of God, because as Guru Ji says, "He alone understands, who is blessed by God's Grace."


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