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Summary of Question:Sehaj Path
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 8/05/2010 8:15 AM MDT

sad sangat

i started segaj path in oct 2008, i have not completed yet i m on ang 1201, this is all because i was not regular.i took breaks as long as months i go to nearby gurudwara to do sehaj path.i made a mistake for not being regular i have taken too long. am i liable to be punished .i feel deep guilt about it.and i keep on reading without understanding. show me a way please.


Sat Nam,

Guilt is a useless emotion. It does not get anything accomplished but pain. You can do Sahej Path for as long as you like. Stop beating yourself up for it.


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Sehaj Path (08/05/2010)
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