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Summary of Question:Skin Problems From Beard
Date Posted:Saturday, 10/21/2000 11:13 PM MDT

Sat Nam,

I don't know why I'm writing since my questions don't get answered or posted, but here goes. Every time I grow a beard I start to get painfull cystic acne only where I have beard. My beard comes in full. If I shave it will all heal up and go away. I have a months worth of growth again and the acne started when the beard started.

Has this happened to anyone else before?

Any Ideas for the reason?

What can I do to stop the acne without shaving?


I would like to give you a simple answer. But I have to ask you some questions. Do you keep your face washed and clean and free of lotions? Have you been to a doctor for this condition so that you know that this is acne and how to ttreat it?

Some men 's faces will get dry itchy and irritated skin under their beard. Keep your beard very clean and wash it daily. Try some aloevera lotion for the irritation and see a doctor to diagnose the problem. It is natural to have hair on your face.

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Skin Problems From Beard (10/21/2000)
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