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Summary of Question:Abortion
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/29/2010 12:00 PM MDT

Hello Sikhnet crew,

I have question about sikhism's view on abortion. I read in your previous responses to this question that the soul of the unborn-child enters in the 120th day of the pregnancy. What is the source of the 120th day?

Does the Guru Granth Sahib states that the soul enters the unborn child on the 120th day of pregnancy?

Doing a emperical research on this topic, I stumbled on a article on abortion and sikhism. One sentence entrigued me.

Most Sikhs accept that life begins at conception (one reference is found on page 74 of the Guru Granth Sahib) (BBC).


Does page 74 of GGS states that life start at conception?

thank you so much,



Sat Nam,

Physical life starts at conception. Even though we say that 120th day is the official day when the soul enters it may actually decide to enter earlier or later. 120th day is when we do Kirtan and welcome the soul.

Birth to any set of parents is a contractual thing between souls. A new soul picks his or her parents to be and knows whether they are going to be born or if the mother is going to have an abortion. Sometimes they know even before the mother consciously realizes it if it is meant to be or not. It is never a surprise the unborn soul even if it is way past 120th day. Before the baby takes his or her first breath their soul is omnipresent and know everything that is going on. It is very important for a potential mother to listen to her intuition and perhaps feel the communication with the soul of her child to know what the contract is and listen to her own self as well. A woman always knows.
Sometimes the mother does not even feel the soul around because there is no one there yet.
It is really a very individual choice and we can argue different religious points of view on this for ever. Sikhism just explains what happens energetically but it does not recommend anything one way or the other. It is good to know all the options and be educated on these things but there is no definitive opinion that should come from the outside. It is up to the parents to figure it out.


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Abortion (04/29/2010)
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