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Summary of Question:Turban Being Opened By Somebody
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/16/2005 12:55 PM MDT

Waheguru Ji Da Khalsa Waheguru ji di fateh

I am a sikh boy age 12 years. I study in a school in new york. Since I have a big juda, everybody stares at me. They even have tried to tuch my jura. I still don't mind it. I think that they might want to see how I tie my hair. They ask me, why is that tight, if it is my hair. They even suspect me carrying drugs in my patka.

Now coming to the question I wanted to ask. Some people literally tied my hands with a rope. Tied my mouth with a hanky AND literally opened my patka and destroyed the gut and the juda. When I complained to the principal, she asked tells me that "you should learn how to tie your hair." Since I was small, my mom has been tying my hair and my putka. I have still not mastered the way to tie it. What should i do? Can you tell me any link or site from where I can learn how to tie it and avoid such situations


Someone touching your hair like this is inappropriate is illegal. You need to talk to your parents about it. You can go to the local Gurdwara and get advice on what to do. If the principal will not take any actions, you need to get legal advice from someone and possibly get the police involved. But remember, ask your parents what to do and follow what they say, don't take anything into your own hands.

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Turban Being Opened By Somebody (10/16/2005)
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