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Summary of Question:Re: Inquiry about possible Sikh Schools in London
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/28/1999 9:06 AM MDT
waheguru jio
there is school of south african & oriental arts (soas) you can find the adresse in the ucas (university colleges application services, hand book) part of university of london uk. you can study skhism punjabi and sanskrit, farsi, urdu, islam, hinduism, gujarati, persian, etc a certificate of south asian languages is awarded at ba hons its quite a rigorous training you have to to you must have learnt adapted by the time you laeve the course, and also post grad study is also possible, i am planning to go there my self.
this university (soas) was set up at the time of the british empire people where trained here to run the blitish empire in other countries.
placements are also availble abroad in specalist subject area, it tough to get in;;;

you can also contact the sikh missionary society president s mohinder singh for advice. on a degree programe by post from india, if your punjabi is high you can invest 1000, on a course in india you will be trained in paat santhia, etc you best to contact s,tebedi singh from slough he his teaching paat santhia at ishwer darbar gurdwarta thath in wolverhamton west midlands uk, clases are held on friday evening,sat eve,& sunday morning he can tell you about the 1ooo course in india. i dont have contact number with me at this time but the course is free and you can accumalate credits through the open college network which can help towards admission towards university via handsworth college in birmingham uk england.

there is also a private university set up it was advertised in des perdes neswpaper.i dont think its in the ucas system or ucas hand book i did try calling them they did not respond, try your luck????????
its fairly new i dont know much about it,proceed with caution????//

sikh world universiy london, 10 college road, harrow HA1BE. tele ( ph)0181 427 5132, 0181 428 4952 or mobile 0956 508025

a prospectus is available you have to send a sae A4 size and 10.00. this what they request.
i have no link with any of these insitutions or personal finacial interest whatso ever. good luck only the intelectual can rule with the balance of devine grace.god centered.

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