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Summary of Question:Re: In Need Of Positive Role Models
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 9/10/2010 6:10 PM MDT

Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh

Sat Nam,

Do you watch TV ? If yes, then stop doing it. No negative news is already positive. Do some meditation in the morning and in the evening and create your own positive reality. Be your own positive role model, there is nothing wrong with you. NO need to be looking to other people to be anything for you.


DWK- you posted this in response to someone else's question. Sorry, but I have to disagree with you. All sikhs need role models. That is the purpose of sadsangath. When you have sadsangat you learn from them and better yourself, it is like a support structure. Someone once told me a bird analogy. Naam simran and seva are the wings, they help the bird to fly. But sadsangat is the tail, it helps the bird get off the ground first and formost. People can just sit at home, do kirtan by themselves, and do paath. Why do they go to kirtan programs and gurduwara? Granted, many people only go these days to gossip and ect. But the reason any gursikhs go is to be in sadsangat. Your sangat has a huge effect on you. If you are involved with the bad crowd then you end up being influenced by them to do bad things. Every sikh needs sadsangat and inspiration . It helps you so much. I have gone through my ups and downs with sikhi even though I was born into a gursikh family. It is because of role models, sadsangat and inspiraton that I am where I am today.

Bhul Chuk Maaf.



Sat Nam,

I like your comment and agree with it, but you did not read mine very carefully. Yes every Sikh needs a role model, but the truth is every human being needs a role model. Some people may simply need a good mother and father that they may not have. As Sikhs we may actually be more fortunate to have the role models we share like our Gurus and they are there without having to really search for them. I am talking about creating your own reality without looking to the outside world, negativity and other influences, TV included, for any of the role models out there. I am talking about being discerning of what we allow to influence our lives as we all know there are lots and lots of influences out there besides the spiritual once.

I really like what Yogi Bhajan once said : "While a student is willing to listen to the truth he is not ready to live it". Yes Sadh Sangad is wonderful to have as a foundation in your life but it is still entirely up to you what choices you will make. Learning from others is great and comparing and trying things out is also great but it is ultimately up to you what kind of life you create. After a while you have to live your life the best you can without having people tell you what to do. If you chose Sadh Sangat to be your reality and your foundation it is wonderful but you can never forget that you are still building your life as an individual and you are sill responsible for every choice you make and what direction your life will take. Listening to your heart maybe a very good choice as well.


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