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Summary of Question:Re:Did The Gurus Talk To God?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/23/2002 8:44 PM MST

Wahe guru Ji Da Khalsa

Waheguru ji Di Fateh

Dear Dkk
You wrote wrong that Gurus never had a conversation with God.I think you might have forgot to mention it,but Guru Nanak Dev ji once disappeared into "River Vayie"{Its in Punjab} .He remained disappeared for 3 days and people of that place and the King of that place were all worried,until when somebody saw Guru Nanak Dev Ji coming out from the River.Guru Nanak dev ji came back after 3 days and during these 3 days he had conversation with God.God there told him to spread his "naam".

Deg Teg Fateh

Harmeet Singh

Sat Siri AKaal, Harmeet Singh. Thank you. I knew Guru Nanak was 3 days in the river but I did not realize that Guru Nanak informed he had 'conversed' with GOd after he surfaced. I was not being literal when I said Guru's didn't have conversations with God. I believe that all the Gurus "conversed' with God within their hearts/minds; I took the initial question to mean a spoken conversation with 2 voices heard.

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