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Summary of Question:turban practise
Date Posted:Sunday, 11/28/1999 6:10 AM MST

Hi, is it wrong for a sikh female to wear a turban? Must a sikh female wear a turban? is it wrong for a sikh male to not to wear a turban? Must all sikh male wear a turban ?


Dear Inquisitive one,

It is not wrong for a Woman to wear a turban. A woman is not required to wear a turban. It is not wrong for a man to not wear a turban. Not all sikh men must wear a turban. Why do I answer your question in this way? because there is a very hazy line between right and wrong in some matters. These questions really depend on what the individual believes. I know many woman who see wearing a turban as an honor and an addition to their sense of identity. I also have seen many woman not wearing a turban and they were fine with it too! The thing is in our religion our identity goes hand in hand with the turban. There is no other religion in the world that wears them as a daily Badge of identity. So as an apple is seen as an apple because it is red and it has the shape of an apple doesnt it go to reason that the same could be said of a Sikh. We have a Physical identity and a Spiritual identity, and when they blend there is a Sikh of the Guru. It is possible for one to desire one side of the coin or the other. The problem is that then we do not have a whole. I hope that this has answered your question. Thank you


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turban practise (11/28/1999)
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