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Summary of Question:Re: Racial Discrimination in Foreign Countries
Date Posted:Saturday, 9/25/1999 8:29 PM MDT
sat sri akal!!
i have been living in the US for the past 13 years. I am writing to you in behalf of my older brother who also migrated here when he was only 14, which can be a difficult age to start with, however, he has had no problems growing up in this country and has achieved so much so far in his life. he has been given the best education and the best opportunities and his turban and beard and sikh values have actually helped him in this country. ofcourse there are ignorant people everywhere but they are a minority. people in the US are all different which becomes a common bond for us. i have friends from all over the world and so does he. dont let this fear come between your plans of coming to the US. Be proud of your identity and maintain it. Your pride will be your motivation to succeed in this country.
good luck.


Thank You Ji,

You are right of course and that is part of what this Forum is about. We need to give each other this kind of advice and hope. Pride in who we are is Paramount. Everyone us should remember that we are a great people and we have the past to prove it. Too many people died as martyrs and Saints for any of us to give up because we are scared of what other people think. Once again I want to thank you sir for your words and beliefs. Thank You


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