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Summary of Question:Re: dating
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/04/1999 12:15 AM MDT
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fathe,

People should be treated equally, be they: Sikh, Non Sikh, female, male. But dating non Sikhs I think can be a little selfish if you think about the next generation. For enjoyment now, will you suffer later?

Like this example, A Sikh girl dating a Non Sikh guy; if it works out till marriage, what about the next generation? Will they be Sikh? If you care about the survival of Sikhism and would like your following generations to be Sikhs, Is it wrong to date people other religions? Unless they are willing to convert?

What are peoples views on this?

Sundeep Singh Shergill
([email protected])
([email protected])


Dear Sandeep,

I wanted to answer your questions here. As you so astutley pointed out, Life is a Journey. Well how does any journey go.....Each journey is planned out and analyzed. But as we all know, sometimes ( In my experience more often than not) problems or unexpected occurences arise. How do you deal with these problems. The answer is, you deal with them as they come up. Each situation has its own set of circumstances and its own set of solutions. If two people decide that they want to be together who are you to object, for that matter who am I. They are the ones who will have to figure out the consequences of their actions. The only thing you have the right to do or say is point out the difficulties with the relationship. As for the next generation, those children to will have to make their own decisions in life. The duty of a parent does not include ownership. A parent is there to give a child his or her guidlines, and to teach them about life, so that they can make their own way in life. If those guidlines include spirituality or a religion so be it. If the parents come from different religions they are going to have to work out their approach to the problem of confusion.

Dating is not really harmful, unless according to the Sikh belief that Premarital Sex is wrong, is somehow committed. We all know that in this day and age Dating is a leadup to sex. But it is not the rule nor is it occuring everytime. There are millions of people out there who have been raised to believe that Premarital sex is wrong, and actually do abstain.

I dont think Love is any reason to consider conversion to any other Religion, I think to even suggest that goes against the very Principals of our Religion as taught to me, I understand that not everybody thinks the same way I do, and Apologize for submitting my own opinion.

I am profoundly concerned with survival of the Sikh Religion, and, I feel that that survival depends on us following the principals given us by the Guru. I honestly believe that if I have a problem or a concern, or a question I can go to the Guru and get my solution. Now is the time to inspire people through positivity and display of your own good Morals Manners and strongly held beliefs. We all have an obligation to help those around us, but help can only be offered when asked for. It is the same way with advice, if given when unasked it can have a negative or opposite effect. Of course by using your own good judgement many situations can be avoided. When I answer questions I try to be as neutral as possible, and stick to the real truth as much as I can. But I'am only a human being and so are you.. we do have our opinions and judgements that we live by and we make assessments based on them. Sometimes they fit a situation and sometimes they do not. I hope that this has been helpful in some way and that your questions have been answered. Please enjoy Life

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Ek Ong Kar

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