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Summary of Question:Why do we glorify violence
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 7/05/1999 9:00 PM MDT

Please recognize that this question is in no way a challenge to our faith, just a medium for me to understand more about it.

When we do ardas, why do we emphasise so much violence? I know it has to do with shahidi, and that we should all be grateful that the later gurus fought for our religion, but is it really necessary to bring those images of violence in our minds after doing a peaceful prayer?

Also, are we considered a militant religion? I read this in a newsmagazine (in an article on Vasakhi). If so, doesn't it defy the intrinsically-peaceful existence Guru Nanak Dev Ji wrote of in Gurbani?

Thanks for your reply.


Hundreds of thousands of people have laid down their lives for the Khalsa. They fought so that we may chant Waheguru today. They upheld the tenets of the Khalsa to their very last breath. It is easy to think of it abstractly, to think, "That's good that they fought, times must have been tough." The Ardas reminds us of just how great a sacrifice was made. We do not glorify violence, but we are reminded of the sacrifices that were made so that we may understand how valuable the teachings we now have are.

Sikhism is not a militant religion. The path given to us by Guru Gobind Singh is that of the Sant-Sipahi (Saint-Warrior). We strive to live peaceful lives and respect all life, but in times of conflict when we have exhausted all other means of creating peace we will engage in combat.

Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh

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