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Summary of Question:Dasam Granth
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/23/1999 11:39 AM MDT

I heard that the "Dasam Granth" contains some sections with obscene language and "dirty" stories. Without any doubt, any gursikh would know that my Guru couldn't have written this material in addition to his pious Bani. I heard that Guru Gobind Singh Jee didn't even compile the Dasam Granth. It was after he passed away, the Singhs decided to put together his compositions. This was also the time when Massa Ranga was around. So, may be this has something to do with one of his ill-minded conspiracies against the sikhs.

Now, my question is why is this section still part of the Dasam Granth ? I mean, anyone who believes in Guru Gobind Singh Jee would agree that this was not written by him.


It is not part of the Das Granthi published by SGPC


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Dasam Granth (03/23/1999)
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