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Summary of Question:Covering Head As Amritdhari Female
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/26/2006 5:28 AM MDT

sat sri akal

i am amritdhari female but i dont cover my head as culture in office is very professional. am i increasing my sins.
moreover i have read somewhere that by covering head we preserve good energy while doing path or simran...i will like to know more about it.
for ladies covering head with chuni/dupatta is sufficient or tying keski is must.
please reply.
harpreet kaur

Sat nam. Frankly, I don't know why a chuni or keski would be regarded as unprofessional. Sikhi is not about 'sins' it's about duty!!!! You have taken amrit. What did you vow to do? Did you vow to cover your head? If you did, then you are breaking a promise you made to Guru. If you didn't vow this during amrit then you aren't breaking anything.
That said, you should ALWAYS cover your head when reciting bani or chanting the naam. A chuni is enough for this purpose. Putting hair up on the center of your head (not forward on the crownline) and covering it will give you a different experience. But that is your decision.
Guru ang sang,

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Covering Head As Amritdhari Female (04/26/2006)
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