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Summary of Question:I Want To To A School In London
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/07/1999 1:44 PM MDT

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa WAheguru ji ke Fateh. Just recently, about..5 girls from Akal Academy from INdia. They were all like teens and i was just touched by their performance. IT was amazing.Just like them...i want to go to a school like Akal Academy where they offer scholarships etc. I really want to go to something like that in London or somewhere in England. I've heard that they have really awesome schools there. I'm only 14...and i really want to be a good b/c it's my relegion! i want to know more about it. and two: I want to be able to tell the future generations about it too. So, if you know about any schools like that in London or somewhere like would be great if you could send me info on them. I gave my email address so..via email would be great.

Thank you very much.


Sat Siri Akaal Ji.
Sorry for the delay. Recommend you go on a teen chat room or go to the chat section of and ask about it. Most moderators are in USA, so we cannot tell you straight off about such schools. I am hoping there might be a reply on this from some other UK teens.
Guru rakha,

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I Want To To A School In London (10/07/1999)
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