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Summary of Question:Parent's n Guru Ji
Date Posted:Monday, 10/04/1999 2:07 AM MDT


I can understand your siuation. It is not easy to follow a spiritual path in these conflicting circumstances. You should really pray to the Guru that he create a graceful environment for you in which you can carry on your spiritual practice. If you are a student, you could apply for a school that is in another town and you could do the same if you are working. If you do want to stay in the same town, then you and some like-minded friends could together move to an apartment or house. But do this very calmly, never forgetting that God is in ALL, including your parents and you should never lose your compassion for them. It is very fortunate that the Guru has been so merciful towards you but this makes it equally important that you uphold that dignity with all your strength and grace. God Bless you and Protect you. Waheguru!


I'm a woman khalsa, 20 who's started wearing a dastar for a month now. My parents are not happy n crazy things happen at home. My dad drinks alcohol and the family takes meat at home......i'm vegetarian n cook for myself. I have female friends who have this similar problem. I feel like leaving my house's a really big step to take. I feel i can fend for myself n rent a comfortable place to stay. But i'm worried if this is the right thing to do.

please offer some advice.


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Parent's n Guru Ji (10/04/1999)
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