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Summary of Question:I Want To Know The Meaning Of My Name...?
Date Posted:Saturday, 9/18/2010 12:29 AM MDT

my name is Bisman Bhatti & i am totally clueless about my name...i am from Ludhiana, Punjab, India and believe me I've asked my parents...they also don't know the meaning of my name...i'll be really appreciated if you guys can help me out with the meaning of my first name with the details such as: from where did my first name originated from; what are it's characteristics and most importantly what's the history behind my first name...the reason i am asking this is because i've done bit of homework myself and the only information i have to close is that my name is very i hope you guys take my concern a bit seriously...


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I Want To Know The Meaning Of My Name...? (09/18/2010)
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