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Summary of Question:Love
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/05/2010 12:57 PM MST

Wahe guru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh,

Hi i am in a very big dillema of my life and i know what i want to do but, not sure thats what guru ji wants pleasee help me, i have been in love with this guy who is white for 3 years hes very nice and very respecful to me hes willing to convert into a sikh for me, he even goes to gurdwara however like all indian family my family is againt this my brother threatens to shoot him if i ever meet him again and i am very scrared for him and i told him that we should go seprate ways and he says no hes willing to go through anything for our love i dont want anything happening to anyone because of me pleasee help what i should do???... i know what i am doing is not wrong liking a guy from another caste because our gurus wanted that taken away they dditn want any of this caste stuff but, i dont know why indians still just dont get that is there a path i can do or soemthing to avoid all bf tells me that believe in god and nothing will happen and everthing will come out okay but jatts are very stubburn and not willing to give up pleaseee help me what can i do
???? thank you

Sat Nam,
Most of us here are so called "white" Sikhs. None of us see anything wrong with being Sikhs or having marriages between American Sikhs and Indian Sikhs. All the Gurus taught us equality of all races and the whole Spiritual Path was developed for us to share with the whole world and not keep it exclusive in any way.
My suggestion is to find a community of White Sikhs in the area and see if they can help figure some of this out. I don't know where you are but if you find at least a Kundalini Yoga class in your area they will help you get connected.
Good Luck,

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Love (01/05/2010)
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