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Summary of Question:What Does Sikhism Say About Life After Death?
Category:General Q's from Non-Sikhs
Date Posted:Monday, 7/23/2001 12:19 AM MDT

Sat sri akal ji,

I have many sikh friends and i am always searching for the truth. I find your website very encouraging and insightful. I have a question today though. I have done some research on the internet about what sikhism says about life after death, and what i THINK to understand is that the Guru Grant Sahib refers to re incarnation, that life and its endless circle or something to that extent. What does Sikhism and the Gurus have to say about this? I did a read a prior response u gave to someone about this but i felt the answer inadequate somehow. You said that Sikhism is a religion of the present, but i dont understand that how can u be sure of something if u dont know what lies ahead.... I understand that u should live for waheguru and be closest to god as possible through meditation and the reading of the scriptures, but there has to be some future destination. Re- incarnation, or the concept of the eternal heaven/hell. Or is there something else? When we die nothing happens to our bodies, we just burn as our bodi

es are incinerated. There has to be something more, something for our souls, as they are the ones that are truly trying to be in harmony with god. Everyone wonders about this subject, and please tell me what exactly does sikhism say, not some vague perception or opinion please. Yes and as u have told people before, this is a Q&A forum, i really dont need you to tell me what bani i should read or such, or how many times i have to read it. God Bless


Sat Sri Akal,

The soul goes through several reincarnations until it is one with the Waheguru. As a human you are given the intellect to become one with Waheguru. If live your life in trying to become One, then you will again be reincarnated as a human so you can continue to become truly one with Waheguru. This cycle will break only after you have attained Godliness, when you become one with God. If, while in the human form, you do not try to become one with Waheguru and instead waste away your life, then you will have to go through 84 lakh of species before you will be privileged to be human again. Human form is desired as that is the best way to become One.

Gur Fateh,

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What Does Sikhism Say About Life After Death? (07/23/2001)
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