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Summary of Question:Palmistry
Date Posted:Friday, 5/21/1999 1:30 AM MDT

As Sikhs, are we supposed to believe in palmistry? What about ESP/psychic abilities? Do we believe in ghosts? Thanks for your reply!

Guru Granth Sahib deals with the issues of cause and effect - Of our past actions and the resultant future destiny. Palmistry is a man's attempt to forecast that destiny.

ESP/psychic abilities are God given. Some have it. Others think they have it.

There are references to ghosts in Guru Granth Sahib as lost souls.

Having said all of the above, let me attempt to clarify something.

As Sikhs, we believe in One God, His Supreme Power, and His Mercy. Experimenting with palmistry, ESP, or believing in ghosts, has NOTHING TO DO with Sikhism as a religion.

Nowhere in Guru Granth Sahib is a Sikh asked to believe in palmistry, ESP, or ghosts.


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