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Summary of Question:Human Life
Date Posted:Thursday, 12/09/1999 4:44 PM MST

Sat Sri Akal,

I have a very strange question and I Know it might sound stupid, but is has been vexing me for a wee while and I would really appreciate an answer, I hope you can help.

At one time there were two kinds of human beings on this planet, Neanderthal and Us. Both of us belived in God, spiritulity and the 'hereafter'. We have proof this through graves etc.

Yet the neanderthals became extinct and we went on. Why is this?

And if they did go extinct is that what will happen to us?

Related to this is a story I heard about Guru Nanak: Once he was asked by muslims and hindus how many hells or heaven there were. he replied that there were so many worlds in this universe that a man would die of old age before he could count them (This is before modern astronomy!) and on nearly all of them there are people just like us.

If this is so how important is human exitance and the question of alien life to Sikhism. Are they human(atma) like us?


Dear Jaskooner,

That is a bit of a strange question, but only in that this is a forum for a totally differrent subject. Well you must have heard of "Survival of the fittest " same thing must have happened to the Neanderthals. They probably could not adapt fast enough and we did. I have heard a good amount of crazy theories as to why they are extinct but I havent heard any that make more sense than Natural Selection. Yes we too could go Extinct if there were another race that was more adapted to life than we are ( depending on the environment of course ) We could go extinct from Natural causes as had happened to the Dinosuars, nothing stays around forever, that is the way of nature. I believe that a certain amount of technology would be a deterrent.

Do you bring this up because of your last question. I dont think you should worry about it. If there is a race on another planet and they can make it here and do it in a spacecraft that has war making capabilities, then you can certainly assume that they will be far ahead of us in technology. It also goes to reason that they would be far more advanced on a spritual level ( I'm not saying there is any connection between war and spirituality just that there is an evolution in religion ) maybe they would not want to try and eliminate us. Of course this is all just guessing . My personal belief is that they would also look just like us with maybe a little variation. Nature definetely repeats herself. There is no one planet no one bee and no one Human Being. The question as to whether they would be like us, yes they will have a soul and have some kind of GOD. God is in everything and is everything that is a basic principal. liked your question and I hope you like the answer. Enjoy your day.


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Human Life (12/09/1999)
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