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Summary of Question:Dying Hair
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/16/2000 11:53 PM MDT

Whaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaheguru Ji Ke Fateh

Sat Shri Akal,
A few days ago my friends and i were talking and the topic of dying hair came up. My (american) friends have all done it and i was wondering if it is against our religion. I am really not sure if it is but i think thta if some one does dye their hair that it means they dont like the way Whaheguru has made them. Well, i am not sure if its true, but thats what people have told me. I really want to knwo if it is against our religion. Thank you.
Whaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Whaheguru Ji Ke Fateh


Dear One:

Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh!
You are right; it is not really Sikh to dye one's hair. In particular, the Amritdhari Sikh takes a vow to leave his/her body as God created it. So dyeing the hair would mean altering the body.
You can read a lot more about this by searching this Sikhnet Youth Forum using keywords 'dye or dyeing' and 'hair'.
Rab Rakha,

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Dying Hair (04/16/2000)
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