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Summary of Question:Re: When Do I Start Wearin A Full Pagary?
Date Posted:Monday, 3/01/2004 10:52 PM MST

Vahiguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahiguru Jee Kee Fateh

This is not a question, but a comment on the response given on this forum to the question asked.

The visibility of our form is the blessing which Guru Nanak in his tenth mahal as Guru Gobind Singh gave us. The young man who is being asked to move from a patka to the kalgidhars blessed pagree, should spend some time reading the banis and history of Guru Gobind Singh so he is blessed with love for the kalgidhar, and what he and his children did for us so that he willingly takes to the pagree.

Yes, wearing a pagree in Michigan at that age may not be very conducive, as it will invite attention. That will be the case when you are in class 10 or even 12 or even when you are 40 years of age. You should not fear the attention. Instead with the kalgidhars blessings use that as an opportunity to teach yourself about your faith and share it with others.

There is no correlation between the arrival of facial hair and wearing a pagree in much the same way as there is no correlation to between age and taking khande da pahul. Our beacon should be the Guru and his family. All of Guru Gobind Singhs sons aged 5- 16 had taken Khande Da Pahul (Amrit) and ALL wore turbans, including the youngest Sahibzada Fateh Singh who was bricked alive when he was 5 years.

He had also taken Khande da pahul, as shown by his kirpan still available on display at Fatehgarh Sahib next to the wall where he was bricked alive.

You still have 6 months before the start of grade 9, so start wearing the pagree on weekends to familarise yourself with how to tie one and look after it. Then enter grade 9, with the crown on your head.

May the Kalgidhar and his sahibzadas inspire you and protect you wherever you are in the universe...

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Re: When Do I Start Wearin A Full Pagary? (03/01/2004)
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