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Summary of Question:Sacrifices
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Monday, 2/02/2004 12:44 PM MST

I wish u can help me with my problem. I am a sikh who does cut her hair and eat meat (due to personal issues) but I gotta admit I still am spiritual and wanna merge with waheguru. I still educate other ppl about our religion and the sacrifices (and I am proud to be part of a strong faith)My problem is that even today when I think of the sikh sacrifices of our gurus, torturings and killings of the sikhs in the worst of the worst ways, I cry its disheartens me, y did they suffer so much? I dunnno if I am being a good sikh and can u tell me what I can do to help my prob? I am very emotional when it comes to the sacrifices of the sikhs?


Dear beautiful Sikh of the Guru,
God bless you. Remember that Guru Nanak taught us joy and sorrow are the same. Everything in the universe is energy, which cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be changed. Guruji said that immersing oneself in meditation on the Name takes away the illusion of ignorance and the pain of this world. Those Sikhs who sacrificed themselves changed the consciousness of millions. There are also historical accounts of people who actually witnessed the martydom of Sikhs, who claim that their faces were radiant and filled with light and joy.
You experience emotion when hearing the stories of their sacrifice, and some would say that it is only we who remain in this world who experience the sorrow of pain and separation, not those whose consciousness is now merged with Akal Purkh. You can build your inner strength to change your emotion to devotion, weakness to commitment and resolve, and sorrow to joy. Guru Gobind Singh's perscription of the 5 K's for his Sikhs provides amazing armor for the soul. They are gifts that ensure our victory in the face of the greatest challenges. You may want to try an experiment, and weigh your personal issues for not accepting the Guru's gifts of the 5 K's, and try out what happens when you accept one of these gifts, and grow your hairs. See how you feel. See if you do not experience an inner strength emerge when you keep your beautiful kesh. Some people think the 5 K's are difficult to maintain, but they actually give great rewards to those who keep them. Sat Nam. GMK

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Sacrifices (02/02/2004)
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