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Summary of Question:can boys in high school shave?
Date Posted:Saturday, 4/01/2000 3:25 AM MDT

i want to shave. i'm in high school, can i shave, is it okay for boys to shave in high school. i live in australia. can u please reply asap.

Punjabi Munda


No. There is no age at which you need to cut any hairs on your body. Each one was put there to help your body and mind function properly. The hairs of your face protect the meridian lines along the jaw. (The meridian lines are energy lines that run through the body like blood vessels. Acupuncture has them mapped out.) The hair on the bottom of the chin is to keep you from being too emotional under lunar influence.
Women are on the 28 day lunar/menstrual cycle. That's one of the things that makes them women. Men are supposed to represent the Sun which is constant with occasional flares. If you shave you stay the equivalent of a little boy emotionally. Some women like that because you are easy to manipulate in that state of mind, like a child. A woman who sees the God in you will want you to be strong and whole.

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can boys in high school shave? (04/01/2000)
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