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Summary of Question:Ladies With Turbans-Advantages!
Date Posted:Tuesday, 9/27/2005 9:39 PM MDT

Sat Nam.

Ladies in dastaar look like queens. Right now I look lopsided, but hopefully that will change with more practice.

I started covering the head in part due to the equality of Sikhi--that is, if a man must wear a turban, I decided, so must a lady, just as I must do Simran and Seva like a man. Of course that's not all the reason. The turban, or patka or whatever covering I wear seems to bring out more respect from others. My hair is down to my hips. I got SO FLIPPING SICK of strange men playing with my hair at bus stops and cafes and so on. It got gross. My husband almost clocked a guy once over it. Even ladies at work would sneak up on me and fiddle with my braids and make cracks about Pippi Longstocking. And I had to fight for the right to cover my head on the job. But I will tell you it was worth it to stand on the principle of God-given equality and integrity of belief. So ladies, rock on with the turban...and may none of you look as lopsided as I do! :-)

Blessed be,

Waheguru! They'll get better with practice. Trust me! :)

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Ladies With Turbans-Advantages! (09/27/2005)
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