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Summary of Question:Debate Over Translations
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/16/2000 12:31 PM MST

sat-ri-akal. I have recently found myself and i know to find eternal peace and harmony i must meditate on wahe-guru's name. I really want to start reading the bani as all are questions are answered in it. The problem i can speak punjabi but i cannot read it. I would like to know that by reading the english translation, am i connecting with God and that he understands what i am saying, or to be in direct contact with god must one read it in gurmukh.

Thanx Jazz
Yes, by all means read the English. Read it out loud and learn to understand it. Translation is: under English translation. Do the reading as a daily nitnem, not breaking your daily recitation for 90 days. The power of Gurbani comes though with it's porperties of mastery for you.

The God you are referring to is within you.....try speaking to the God within you and start looking for your wisdom and guidence from inside yourself. Develop this practice along with you 90 day reading. This is what is so special about our way of life...God is not outside of you and me, God is within.
Bless yourself every day and be grateful to the God within you for this gift of love and longing for the bani.

Also, you can learn to read Gurmukhi. It is quite phonetic and easy to learn especially since you will use it a lot.

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Debate Over Translations (11/16/2000)
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