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Summary of Question:Re: what is the sikh position on abortion [with reply]
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/01/1999 3:10 PM MDT
I voicing my opinion whether or not I agree abortion is good or bad, it just puzzles me how someone could say a baby who is less than 120 days old does not have a "soul". Have they proven that? A "soul" is not a tangible thing that someone can determine if a baby has one or not simply by means of a sonogram. Abortions are the choice of the women who choose them, but a baby has a heartbeat long before 120 days.

The information that was posted is an ancient teaching of vedic philosophy. I'm not able to say that such precise dates are given in Siri Guru Granth Sahib. It would be reasonable for you to study the matter much further, as the information given was merely a clue as to what you may or may not be able to verify. It was not a materialistic statement based on physiology or sonograms. In general, a mother's right to choose is supported, based on her intuitive awareness and capacity to raise a child properly into a fully qualified human being. Essentially, the response was saying to you that if a mother is able to foresee that her capacity and means to nurture and guide are clearly deficient, then the more compassionate option may well be to choose not to bring a child into a damaged life cycle, to allow the being to be more blessed by some other, later opportunity to come.

The interesting thing, from a worldly perspective, in discussions about <soul> is that physical perceptions and/or worldly arguments are neither able to confirm or deny the existence of soul, or when and how it enters the body (if it exists). No human has any superior knowledge above another in this regard, there is only faith and compassion to base one's choices upon. It is something each person must ponder deeply for themselves. Any religious opinion legislated upon others, who may have other views, is little more than biased tyranny. May Guru guide your way in this matter, it is not an easy subject.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Re: what is the sikh position on abortion [with reply] (08/01/1999)
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